Now that I have a minute to breathe, I have a minute to post something other than pictures…
Christmas was good. It is always nice to not be responsible for much more than the care of my kids. The presents were fantastic. The in-laws always go all-out. I got a Kitchen Aid food processor and a Celphalon multi-pot (with veggie steamer and pasta inserts). DH got a new camera (Kodak Z710, we loooove it). Bren got a variety of toys and Andy got a few toys and a lot of diapers.
Bren’s musical repertoire includes 3 carols now- Jingle Bells from last year plus I’m Getting Nothing for Christmas and Feliz Navidad and a line or two from We Wish You a Merry Christmas.
He has become Mr. Silly lately, especially with his obsession with people’s names. He’ll ask me my name and I’ll tell him and he’ll invariably argue about it and tell me my first name is Sebastian (a la Little Mermaid) or it is Mom, not Jen. He calls DH Darrell instead of Daddy cuz it gets his goat. His own name is Brendan “Potty” Hxxxx. Love that middle name. LOL. And for some reason he calls a bottle of water a “Dega Seca Doo Dad Water”. Haha.
As for Andy, he now gives kisses. He is delightfully ticklish along his sides too. He mostly nurses to sleep (though he can be bounced to sleep on a knee) but when you put him down he needs to hold the edge of a blankie to replace my shirt and a pacifier to replace me before he’ll settle down. Don’t take too long getting these either! 😉 He is totally a pacifier baby now.
He is just now starting stage 2 baby food with fruit and veggie combos. I still mix them with either rice or oatmeal or on an odd day a spoonful of yogurt. He gets one meal in the afternoon and occassionally demands a few bites if he sees us eating supper. He loves eating and seems to enjoy just about everything right now.
He is really growing and some of his 6-9 month sleepers are getting small. It seems like we just started this size!!! He wears size 3 pampers but often blows out of them. Yuck. THAT is a disadvantage of breastfeeding. Oh, and he drools incessantly.