Apparently this should be “Gathering Bananas”

I’ve come across two other blogs now where the husband has been diagnosed with azoospermia- Manana Banana & Yes, we have no bananas. I’m not sure what the deal with bananas is but Yippeee! they are both pregnant or new parents! The first is what I consider to be what might have happened had we chosen the sperm extraction and IVF route. The second is very much like our own journey to parenthood. I wish them both the best.
I’m sure lots of people wandering over here these days have no clue of our infertile past and that our boys are donor sperm babies.
I’m in the process of moving my old diary entries into my blog. Please excuse the confusion on the right hand side. Also, anybody have a clue how to change my archive dates from just displaying months to displaying years with just the current year as months? It’s getting rather lengthy….
Best of luck on your next cycle Aimee.

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  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I’ll have to read up on your preconception story as it appears that we have some similar experiences!

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