Well dr visits

Whooooosh. It’s over. I feel like I just finished my last final exam of the semester. LOL.
Brendan- 4 year well check
42 5/8 inches (75th percentile)
44.8 lbs (95th percentile- up from 90th percentile at 3 years)
Our scale said 45.8 last night so this one was a pound or so lighter. Thank goodness because that pound would have put him off the charts (and that matters to me because I’ve been fat all my life and don’t want that for him). I am happy where he is right now. 95% may be high but so is 75% for his height. He’s proportional! Yay!
I am so proud of him!!! We talked to him both last night and this morning about the visit and gave him ideas of what to talk about and the heads up on what to expect (namely, NO SHOTS). He was Mr. Social 😯 with the nurse and the Dr got a good look at them interacting so had no problem when he was somewhat shy with him. Somewhat shy- but not hiding his face in a chair any more! He’s definitely at the shy end of the pendulum, but back in the realm of normal! Wheeee! 😀
He got his blood pressure taken (92/48), had a visual exam where I was very proud because he was able to do the big kid letter chart!! He kept turning to look at other posters and stuff to read the letters so the nurse switched to the shapes eye chart and he was so cute… the hand symbol was a “paw print” and the coffee cup symbol was “drinking” and the plus sign was an “X”. 😛 His eyes checked out fine. She attempted to do a hearing test but he would only tell her “yes” (for hearing the beep) after she asked him if he heard it. Didn’t go too well, but I’m not in the least worried. I was annoyed to find out they actually charged us $60 more for the hearing and eye exams. Since when did those basic things start costing extra??? :/
All in all he is great. The pedi’s only suggestion was for him to drink more milk- he suggested 20 oz skim milk a day. I think his 10-12 oz is fine especially since his favorite food is cheese. He was very happy that he doesn’t wet the bed.
Andy- 6 month well check (@ 7m1w)
28 1/4 inches tall (Bren was 27 3/4 @ 6m1w)
19.3 pounds (Bren was 19.1 @ 6m1w)
Head was 18 1/4 inches (Bren was same at 6m1w)
I got a high five for breastfeeding him this long! 😀 He did ask when he had last seen Andy and I replied “right before 3 months with reflux issues” and he didn’t say anything about missing a checkup. Everything is great with Andy- he eats well, sits well, plays well… 😀
Both the nurse and the pedi confirmed with me that they got their shots at the health clinic and the pedi even gave me a curious look but I didn’t offer up any additional info. I think he asked me about it not to confirm the actual shots a second time but as a way to open up conversation if, say, I was upset with how the nurse performed the shots last time or some other thing like that. He does things around-about like that- opens you up to talk about something you may not want to bring up- it’s a good thing generally.
Total cost for both check-ups, if you are curious- $280. Considering I saved $1100 last week I am not complaining.
Andy’s next appt is for 9 months but unless I am worried about something, I just don’t see the need to bring him in again in only 7 more weeks.
****And Andy cut his first 2 teeth last night!! I just checked yesterday and pop! Now he has the two bottom middle teeth popping through.****

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  1. Oh Lord, Jacob isn’t even 4 yet and he’s about 52 lbs on our crummy bathroom scale. I’m terrified now to take him for his four year. He’s definately showing some chubby this past month or two. I guess it’s time to start watching his diet closer. Obesity does not run in our family either. So weird how things like this happen.
    Off to ponder my son’s obesity…

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