Bren’s 4th birthday (party)

Bren and Lightning McQueen bear a strong resemblance, lol.
Bren’s pizza party turned out great!! He was only shy for the singing- I am so happy!!! He has really turned a corner there (that his brother has entered full force…sigh!). Having taken him twice to this pizza place in the prior 2 months and talking often about what to expect at the party (eat pizza, play games with the boys and girls, eat cake, etc.) REALLY helped. He was so excited when this day finally arrived.
Bren’s favorite game turned out to be one where you lay back in a chair and hold on to bars and the machine would shake as you watched a film of a roller coaster. A real one. He ended up loving it (with a hilarious video of his first uncertain moments) and rode it a few times with a 7 year old girl named Kendall. He rode the dinosaurs with the Smith clan as well. He also impressed us with climbing to the top of their indoor playground tubes- I knew it wouldn’t be long before he made it to the top of one somewhere!
The guest list was
Gene & Waynell (who watched Andy for me!)
The Smiths (Carol, Ed, Kendall and the 4 year old triplets- Nicole, Hunter, Brandon)
Mary K and Leonard
Cathy and Chuck
Michelle with 2 1/2 mo old twins Quinn and Connor
Diana with month old Alayna and 5 year old Joseph
Jorge and Cristina with 1 year old Alvaro
Cricket and Sarah
Ann with her boys, JJ and Jackson
Peter Piper Pizza did a great job. We were right on to avoid the weekend. We were informed from the start that they were so un-busy that we didn’t have to hurry and could stay late. We bought a bunch of their cheese stuffed crust pizzas and they were terrific!!! It was a great deal for $5.99 a child plus about 6 extra pizzas. I was running around crazily until about halfway through and decided to stop worrying about everyone and plopped myself down to eat and visit instead. Darrell TOTALLY managed Brendan and the entertainment department while I made sure everyone had food & drink, fielded questions from the host and moved the party along when needed.

Brendan loved his cake. It was made from the cake shop that made our wedding cake, Lucy’s. It was bee-utifully decorated as a Lightning McQueen racetrack… apparently this style is so popular that the company can’t make enough toppers so I used our handy dandy Lightning McQueen from McDonald’s. LOL. Saved myself $8.00 too. 😉

Right before we started singing.
We have a pile of presents in our living room. We really are blessed by generous friends and family. We are letting Bren take the lead when he wants to open one. We started off with his Mimi and Papa’s gifts since they are leaving in the morning. Among their other gifts, he received a Spiderman scooter and a Cars helmet and pads set. I think the helmet is too small though. We’ll have to find him another one.
My baby is really growing up into a wonderful little boy. Sniff. 😀