Bren reads words!

We’ve been working up to this day for a long time!
I made Brendan one of those word sliders (remember those from 1st grade?!) where I wrote in large letters on a folded piece of paper at, cut a square hole right before the at and then folded another piece of paper into a long ruler shape and wrote the letters f, b, c, h, s, r, m, & p down it so that (with a few pieces of tape and another cut) we could slide the letters through the paper so they’d appear in the hole presenting the _AT words one at a time.
We’ve played with it a few times and have worked on the first BOB book (words: Mat, sat, Sam, on) simultaneously and by george…
Suddenly today he can make the connection that ssssssssss-aaaaaaaaaaaaa-ttttttttt is sat!!!! And he can read them ALL!
Whooooooopppppeeeeeeeeeeee! DaNcE oF jOy!!!
I’m using the Easiest 3 letter word groups list I prepared some time ago. I’m making an _AM word slider next for 2 reasons… Sam (and I’ll have to add “Sam” to my list) is the other boy in this first BOB book and the first starfall book is “Zac the Rat” and he encounters JAM. We’re gonna to have to discuss the meanings of bam, ram and yam first. LOL.
I know that Bren sight-reads “Brendan”, “cat”, “the end”, and “play” already. 😀
I finally found a preschool workbook that I love… it’s from Parent’s magazine and it is right on Bren’s current level plus some that is a bit challenging, it covers math basic phonics and more, plus it is beautifully done.