Andy’s big day

Andy took his first 3 crawling “steps”, sat up for the first time sit-up style (rather than from belly to crawl position to hiney) and pulled up to a standing for the first time on my leg as I sat on the couch…all today. Wowee!
I’m gonna miss his army crawl. 😛
I am now on day three of AF (after only 3 weeks??) and it’s the big bad one. Haven’t had a true period like this since November 2005. LOL. Guess I’m due.
Andy is on a formula/milk/water strike. He will not drink anything hardly by bottle or sippy cup except some gatorade or juice. This has been going on about 3 weeks now and it is so frustrating!!! I even tried adding some chocolate milk and serving it warm and cold. Nope. He just doesn’t like it and will hit the cup/bottle away with a wild, wide, fisted swing.
What can I do? I still nurse 3-4x a day and he gets at least a few ounces that way. Not sure how much but he only has very small wet diapers afterwards. He’ll drink a few ounces gatorade or juice here and there.
He eats food so well that I’m not worried about nutrients except for calcium and maybe vitamin D. I bought him some YoBaby yogurt and I’ll have to step up the cheese. Perhaps he’ll drink formula if I add a full amount of chocolate syrup.
I hate to do this AGAIN. Brendan is this way and I have been fighting it with Andy. But he won’t drink more if he’s really thirsty. Sigh… at least Brendan drank water.
Did I mention Andy snaps his fingers? Real honest to goodness popping snaps. It’s amazing. LOL.
Brendan has been amusing himself with an X-Box snowboarding game. It’s fun! He calls it the “Splashing Guys”. Haha.