Bye bye breastfeeding

Andy started refusing a BFing here and there and 2 days ago he refused 2 in a row (we were only doing 3 a day) so I decided to see if he’d ask if I didn’t offer any more. Nope. 48+ hours now and I don’t even hurt. Yup- he was refusing because there wasn’t any.
All done with that. *Wipes hands on pants and moves on*
He’s drinking most of four 5.5ish ounce bottles of “magic” formula. That’s not a whole lot but I guess it’s okay.

One thought on “Bye bye breastfeeding

  1. Joshua did the SAME thing with nursing. He was a great nurser even in the NICU and when he hit 9-10 months of age he started nursing less and less and my body quit producing. I was glad because we had planned on TTC again anyway so I needed to stop nursing him. I’m glad it wasn’t forced because I would have felt really guilty about it considering we aren’t even pregnant yet!!! LOL!

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