Bren-bits & Andy-dotes

Today was a banner day for the wookbooks. He placed stickers on 4 different fruits and vegetables with an increasing level of difficulty. He did fairly well covering up the missing areas with the stickers, though he had to pull off the stickers a few times.
We completed 2 folding activities together- he is getting the idea now but it is still too hard for him to do alone. You have to bend it in the right area, line it up correctly and then crease it as well. Tough stuff.
Then we worked on a page of “Here is the letter _ , find another one just like it in this row and circle it”. He aced that. The reverse of that was a pictorial story of a snowman, with the last picture showing the sun coming out and the snowman starting to sweat. What comes next (I had folded the 2 pictures choices under the page)? Brendan said “Uh-oh!” a few times but didn’t have the words to tell me so I showed him the pictures and he picked the correct melted one. I then explained melted.
Then he completed 2 mazes.

Here’s an example of a maze from his Kumon book (BTW, there is a buy 3, get 1 free promotion going on at Amazon on them). He really liked this one- the racing theme appeals to him. His chatter was “Come on pencil, you can do it!” this time. So cute! He completed it with only 1 mishap. 5 days ago he started looking ahead on the mazes. A big improvement over how he used to rush through them and then backtrack. 😀
His reward- he asked for a pickle & Clifford the Big Red Dog. LOL.
Various notes:
My oven broke. 🙁 It’s the electronic touchpad/clock part. $250 plus shipping but DH thinks he can fix it himself.
Bren’s current cartoon faves: Scooby Doo, Avatar, Pokemon, Tom & Jerry
Bren saw a box up on display at the grocery store and was so excited. They were “Sip sip sippin’ straws!!” Apparently they are cereal straws that you use to drink your milk out of. They’re weird because they aerate the milk but he LOVES them. And he drinks all his chocolate milk now. They comes in fruity and chocolate and I am glad he choce chocolate becaue fruity chocolate milk does not sound good. Haha.
Andy’s current faves: fridge magnets, anything amall, nesting cups, baths, various balls, taking things out of containers
Andy is getting more attached to the pacifier.
Starting yesterday, Andy now pulls himself up to a stand all on his own and even climbed onto his first box. Both same day. And everywhere we go he points to items and says “More, more!” He wants it ALLLLLL. LOL. It’s driving us nuts!!!