How our prices vary

Here’s what San Antonio prices are looking like right now:
(Originally from Michelle)
Gas – $2.79/gallon
Milk – I know for sure it costs me $2.89 for a 1/2 gallon. I believe it is $4.29 or $4.39 for a gallon
Bread – The cheapest sandwich bread is $0.57 at HEB. It’s why I struggle with buying the whole grain breads at a minimum of $1.99.
Ground Chuck – The really lean stuff is cheapest at Wal-mart and costs a tad under $4.00 a pound.
Apples – $0.99 a pound in season and $1.29 (or occassionally $1.49) for Fujis or Pink Ladies- which are far superior to Red Delicious.
Bananas – $0.33 a pound almost always.
Cable Internet – $59 including the most basic cable tv, after taxes and such.
Power (electric and gas) – $100-250 depending on how hot it is.
Water bill – $35-55 a month
Grass cut- small yard, $40 each time (includes trimming). My neighbor pays this.

One thought on “How our prices vary

  1. I haven’t seen .33 bananas (unless it was a great sale) in a LONG time. And the cable, mine is 45 for *just* the internet. Not including tax, tag and title. You’d faint at our whole cable bill.
    You can also buy Aldi’s bread here for under .60, but it’s literally the white glue stuff.
    Thanks so much for participating!

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