Bren bits

Brendan had no problems drawing a T, C and A on blank paper this morning. He has really improved his control of the pencil. I bet the mazes have helped. I chose T first because it seemed an easy letter to try initially. Then I asked for a C. He was really thrown for a loop when I asked for a Z next and was thoughtful for a bit. I think he was trying to figure out what word I was having him spell, lol. He then decided he had to draw an A because that is what he needed to spell CAT. He often thinks of words in terms of their letters as a whole and not of them in any order. I’m thinking of trying him on handwriting paper soon.

On this maze he got caught up in the upper circle and when he got stuck again in the middle of the lower circle he gave up. He literally said, “Jump over this wall to reach the star.” LOL. It has been awhile since we’ve done any mazes and I think he has forgotten to look ahead so I had him trace the next one with his finger first and he did much better.

I’m starting to have him watch “Between the Lions” again. Before, he watched it because he liked it. Now I think it is right at the level where he needs help.