A pic a day #2

What I wouldn’t give to relive this day!

Here DH and I are dining in the Animator’s Palate on a Disney Cruise ship. Everything form the walls to the staff are completely black and white and as we ate little sprigs of color would pop up and by the end of the meal everything was blazing with color. This is where we had our first creme brulees and I died and went to heaven it was so good!!! Our waiter (left) was Thomas and the other man was his assistant, Ben. Such good times!!! We had a blast on our honeymoon. Sigh….

One thought on “A pic a day #2

  1. JenH – Have you tried Ben & Jerry’s Creme Brulee ice cream? Gosh girl, it’s heavenly!! :o) I’ll think of you tonight as I eat out of my pint!

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