50 things about Andy

50 things about Andy now that he is a year old.
1. He loves anything small
2. He loves playing peekaboo
3. He loves chasing Brendan- and being chased by him
4. He likes lots of fruits- apples, bananas, peaches, oranges, strwaberries…
5. He likes to pat you on your arm and say “pat, pat, pat”.
6. His hair grows so fast!! I need to cut his bangs for the 2nd time!
7. He loved to be told “good job” and clap with us.
8. He loves outside and can’t stand it when you walk out the door without him.
9. He is not a very good car traveler yet- he gets bored.
10. He loves his bottle and does not want a sippy cup yet.
11. His favorite way to sleep is with his nose pressed into me.
12. He loves Baby Einstein shows
13. He loves music
14. He loves for me to hold him and spin in a chair.
15. He’s Mimi’s boy- they have a special bond.
16. He’s shy but sometimes he will wave to strangers.
17. He goes to sleep by rubbing a blanket on his face or holding my shirt sleeve.
18. He loves to climb onto boxes or onto the couch.
19. He loves playing in the sand.
20. He likes to swing outside under the bubbles.
21. He is easy to grin and smile.
22. He loves to dig is cupboards and drawers.
23. He loves to take a bathe- especially with his brother.
24. His favorite foods are sausage, ranch style beans, bananas & canned mandarin oranges.
25. He is fascinated by soda cans.
26. He loves to pull off Daddy’s glasses.
27. He loves to look at things on the computer and bang on the keys.
28. He loves to chase Mimi’s dogs
29. He loves his pacifier
30. He loves to close doors but hates it when he shuts himself alone in a room. Silly boy.
31. He is ecstatic when Daddy comes home and crawls as fast as he can to greet him and get hugs and kisses.
32. He loves balls
33. He likes to drink from straws.
34. He loves his baby Ipod.
35. He loves to be held- and hates to be put down.
36. He does not like potatoes or pieces of cheese or carrots.
37. He’s beautiful.
38. He always smells so good.
39. He likes to poke at eyes and noses.
40. He likes to sit on steps and then stand up too.
41. He likes to be shown things.
42. He likes to turn off the lights.
43. He likes to sneek in the bathroom.
44. He likes to be tickled.
45. He loves to take silverware out of the dishwasher.
46. He likes to go around in just his diaper.
47. He loves Daddy’s cell phone and tv remotes.
48. He has 8 teeth and is working on some more.
49. He’s smart & playful.
50. He is very much adored by his parents and brother.