A pic a day #4

In the beginning of our relationship, we used to stay in a cabin just a few yards away from Darrell’s parents’ house when we came for a visit. I loved it there. It was just a tiny little house but it was private and perfect for the 2 of us.
One morning in that cabin, a year or two into our marriage, I got up in the wee hours to take a wee. I stumbled through the darkness towards the bathroom. Just as I got to it, I stepped on something squishy. I immediately knew what it was. I snapped on the bathroom light, flew into the shower, slammed the shower doors closed and watched in horror as this snake slithered in after me. I screamed and Darrell came running.
Gawd, I was so scared that snake would climb up the shower door.
Darrell got on the phone and called his Dad who came racing into the cabin with a hoe about 5 minutes later and dispatched him.
While I waited for him to arrive, I watched the snake slither underneath the door that leads to the living room, up a wall and into a 2 inch hole in the little door to the air conditioner. Apparently this little area was warm. It was obviously his home.
It was never our home again.

I swear it was bigger. ::shudder::

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  1. Wow that is a very large snake… I would have died if I would have felt that between my toes. Scary for sure!

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