Andy has a fever

Andy has had a fever all day yesterday and today. Yesterday it hovered around 101, today around 103. 103 seemed too high to me and after he had a rather spectacular vomiting session I decided I had better take him to the dr while there was still time before the weekend.
No strep throat or ear infection or anything obvious. Just some virus going around. Nothing the dr could do for him. He continues to have high fever about 1 1/4 hours before his next Motrin dose is due so he seem pretty sick and feels dang hot then. For a few hours after his dose he seems almost normal. If he still is having the fever on Monday I am to bring him back. And least his vomiting was a 1 time deal (knock on wood).
He weighs 22 lbs 7 oz. And the doctor did mention several times that he hasn’t seen us in awhile (Andy hasn’t been to him since his 6 month well visit @ 7 months old).
I can’t help it!!!! But I did schedule his “12 month” visit for the 18th. He’ll be a day shy of 14 months then.