Lil Linus

Andy slept through the night for the first time in ages last night!!! I hit my limit with him crying for me in the wee hours and me climbing into the guest bed with him. He is super sensitive to me being with him and if I get up to use the restroom or wake up earlier than him and try to escape- that’s it. He’s up too.
So he fell asleep yesterday afternoon on my shoulder and woke up when I transferred him to his crib. I did my normal CIO routine and he finally went to sleep 2 1/2 hours later. Last night was the same story but only 1 3/4 hours. He finally went to sleep at 1:45 am. And he slept through til 10:15!!!
And Brendan did not. *Forehead smack*
Apparently Brendan finally caught the fever that the rest of us have had this past 10 days.
Andy is such a little Linus right now. He has a favorite blankie- a small blue fleece one with airplanes on it- that he loves to carry everywhere. It obviously bring him comfort and he rubs his face with it to go to sleep.
Tidbits to share…
9/13- Andy jabs my eye and says “eye” Ask him where anything is though and he’ll grab both his ears. So cute!!!
10/1 Andy says light (“iiigh”). He loves to touch them too. LOL
10/2 Read HOP “Fat Cat, Fat Rat” successfully (but really shaky at it)
10/3 Bren will eat red grapes if you give them to him first
10/5 Bren: “Daddy can fix anything. You can fix a big car, you can fix a toy, you can fix an animal, and you can fix a dragon. You can fix whatever you want.” 😀
Bren: Then a big animal got on your neck. It was an owl. And it was scaring you.
Me: Well I’ll just get a big fork and boink, boink, boink and it’ll run away.
Bren: Naaahhhhh. You just make “funder” (aka thunder… aka fart)
Me: LOL… and the stink will make it fly away?
Bren: Yeahhhhhh.
Me: ROFL helplessly.
Later Darrell told me that Brendan was telling him about animals and birds in his room and he told Bren not to worry, if any animals came into his room, he’d make thunder and they’d all run away. 😉

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