Andy’s “12 mo” 14 month well baby visit

He’s an ounce shy of 23 lbs (37 %ile)
He is 32 3/4 inches tall (95 %ile)
His head circ is 19 1/4 inches (93 %ile)
I can’t believe I have a tall & skinny kid! Haha. The pedi recommended the flu shot but I declined due to money issues (he had the MMR-Varicella and the Pneumo. Conj. done last week). We had no problems or questions (which surprised him!). He didn’t ask a single developmental question. I guess he figured I knew what I was doing and he could see him walking around right there. He did ask about his sleeping habits (which he has been going down and sleeping through the night for a week now! Wheeee!) and his eating/drinking. All fine. He was pronounced perfect. 😀
He showed us the weight, height and head graphs at the end and commented on how we definitely stimulate him enough. I gave him a “you’re teasing me” look and he said he was serious- the head charts of neglected orphans almost always run along the very bottom of the growth curve. Huh. Who knew??
He knew better than to think we were going to come back for the 15 month well appt in only 4 weeks so he said “Come back… whenever you need to.” LOL. His next shots are due at 18 months.