What I’m doing for preschool

For reading I am sticking with Hooked on Phonics and any little print & put together books I see online for now. It’s working for us. I’ll look into other stuff once we finish it but I have through “2nd grade” so it’ll be a couple or more years.
Literature- I do library books that I find recommended or try to find books on the current holiday or select several of the same theme (right now it is maps and Halloween). I think I’ll let science and history be the books we read and activities I find for now too.
I don’t think I’ll start any real math beyond counting things, patterns and writing the numbers for now. Maybe 6 months, maybe next fall. Who knows. When the HoP isn’t such a challenge. Then I am thinking maybe Saxon math or Math-U-See… up in the air but I will do a premade curriculum for that. I’ll have to review them.
Spelling is definitely in HoP and I incorporate handwriting in it too. What’s left?? I want to put him in Karate and join in a HSing park day… crafts and cooking things… songs when I find them….
I also have 2 workbooks- “Preschool Curriculum of Basic Skills” and Parents’ “Ready for School”. I really like them both. He does pages from them regularly. They have great pictures and things to do like tracing, opposites, words of position/direction, shapes, colors, patterns and stuff. I’ll have to start some cutting activities soon. He’s never used scissors.