Presenting He-witch, Brend-Aang the Avatar & Spidertot

I was never able to take a picture of DH myself (he immediately undressed when he got home… something about his bra cutting into his skin and his shoes killing him?? lol) so these are pictures from his work. The first one is a good face shot but I wish his hair wasn’t coming out of his wig. The second shows his whole costume. I wish he had turned to the side a bit because his hoozits (water balloons- he was peppered with people who wanted to squeeze them all day! LOL!) were rather impressive. Completely changed his body figure!!

Brendan was really fantastic trick or treating. He was prepared with what to say: “Trick or treat! Thank you!” but he was nervous so if anyone devitated from the script he sort of stood there silently until they did their part. For example, if they held out the candy bowl to him instead of putting candy in his pumpkin he just waited. And after a few houses of people asking him who he was (and getting no answer) I coached Bren a little. So he added to his script “I’m the Avatar!” if asked. Darrell and I would say “Happy Halloween” and wave after he said his thanks and he caught on and started doing it himself (totally cute!). So he ended up with some pretty positive experiences with strangers and learned to adapt some. It was really great! At the end we didn’t even have to go up to the doors with him. 😀