Today reading clicked!

I’ve been having a rough time motivating Bren to do school things. He hasn’t wanted to do anything requiring brain power. I took a break from the Hooked on Phonics for a week and just let him do the clicknkids.
But then today he was great! We practiced the 4 HoP stories he knows so he can read them to his 2 grandmas who are both in town. He flew through them. So I pressed my luck and had him read the _ad words (K pg 21). We had only done them once or twice before and not in 10 days or so. Once we established they were “ad” words he had no issues. He read the rest of the review sets on the page as well.
So then I really pushed my luck since he was participating so well. I turned the page and… uh oh. It was the review page for ALL 3 letter A words and the words are NOT presented in sets according to their endings. And he did great! He didn’t fly right through them and he needed some coaching but he read them all!! Wheeeee! It’s CLICKED!!!
So, was it the break? Was it that he has been spelling and sounding out words in the car (all by himself) this past week? Was it the clicknkids (I believe he is on level 9 @ 1 game a day)? Or was it just that he’s finally had enough practice at sounding out 3 letter A words to be getting somewhat proficient at it?
Brendan read all these words:

Now he’s on to _i_ words!!! 😀

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