Notes way past due

10/18 While we were eating at a restaurant, a guy that looked a lot like Gene was standing right outside the window. Andy turned around, saw him, and yelled out “Papa!!!”. He was so excited. Haha. He also said “bye bye”. Andy now hums along to the radio.
Bren’s stomach is his “stom-lick”.
“Mama, give me a problem. I need a water in the frigerator.” (wanting me to get it for him)
10/21 Andy mimics me putting a fist to my mouth pretending to drink a bottle. First pretending!! Said “moon” and for the first time in many months “Dada”. Also reached out for some birds on the ground and said “birrr”.
We ordered pizza and Brendan remembered from a few months ago us putting towels down on the carpet and having a picnic. He kept telling us we were going to have a picnic. He is also over the moon excited about Halloween, pumpkins, costumes and trick or treating. We are literally counting down the days til our first Halloween event on the 25th.
We’re sitting in the car driving home from a lengthy grocery shopping trip.
Bren: I want a cookies
Me: Sorry Bren, we didn’t buy any cookies
Bren: (a bit later) I neeeed a coooookie!
DH and I: LOL!!!! (He sounds just like me on a bad day)
Me: (smelling something sweet) Bren! What are you eating?!
Bren: Candy
Me: Where did you get candy? (He points to a bag of skittles on the floor leftover from DH’s trip to Houston a few days ago) Okay. But next time you ASK first.
Bren: Okay. Give me a cookie and we’ll call us even!
DH and I: LOL!!!!!!
Brendan (tired of waiting for me to make lunch) is sitting in the recliner, bored. He sees me look over at him and says, “Just click on a cheese sandwich!” LOL.
11/1 Fully on sippy cups for a week now- the Nuby soft spouted ones
11/7 Andy just loves to play with a bag of potatoes and to crawl into the space where my legs are under the desk.
11/9 Andy knows HOT from me teasing him about touching the light in his room. Tonight he said “hot, hot” in reference to his hot fish sticks. 🙂
11/10 Andy pretended to take tic tacs out of the box and “fed” them to himself and me! Second pretending!!!
11/13 Brendan washed his own hair without me even asking. Andy asked for bubbles- he said “bubbles” and pointed to the bubble blower.
Grandma DIane is visiting and Andy now says “grandma”. He also learned “you blow”- playing a game where grandma and Andy were blowing at each other through a hole in a toy ball.
11/14 Andy’s passions: various beverage containers and cups, the stuff in the recycle bin, climbing onto chairs and tables.
He now will drink from his Avent sippies- his yogurt milk combo isn’t working so well any more. He drinks maybe 2 sippies a day of it max.
Bren’s: Chritmas colored and shaped marshmallows, playing with the pecans on the ground out back, games on websites like & nickjr and Donkey Kong 64
Bren’s first Japanese word- “Hoo-na-na”. (bye) We have started watching Sakura.
11/18 Andy pointed at eyes and says “eye”.
Shred cold cooked brisket in food processor and add to country gravy. Serve over hot biscuits = best ever S.O.S. ever!!
Andy will now drink out of my favorite sippy cups- plain ole gerber hard plastic. Thank goodness because these are super easy to use and do not leak!!!
11/19 Called Papa Don “Papa” on the phone.
11/20 DH’s story:
DH: Bren bumps my butt with his head. “Thanks for that klunk!”
Bren: “I’m not a klink, I’m a boop!”