According to our bathroom scale and my own measurement, Brendan weighs 54 lbs and is 47.5 inches tall. Is it my crazy googling search results or are both of those off the charts for a 5 year old?
Anyway, Andy’s toy of the week is batteries from the battery drawer. All shapes and sizes- he wants them. He also really likes all kinds of balls. Darrell was just now counting outloud and after he said four, Andy piped up with “five”. We were both amazed! He also says “peebah” for pizza. 🙂
Bren’s toy of the week is toy phones. We have 2 of them- green and red but otherwise identical- that flip open and make appropriate sounds. Andy likes them too but not like Brendan. He also found a Transformers website and is getting into them.
We are in the middle of our Japan unit and having a ball with it. How can you not like chopsticks, kimonos, clogs, bowing and origami? 😉 A month of knights and castles is next! And a birthday party!
My FIL is getting therapy for his back and they say it’ll be 20 days. The problem is his sciatic nerve. He damaged it in a fall.