Bren-bits & Andy-dotes for the past 2 months

3/18 Andy sneezed and then said “scuse me”! Bren has taken a liking to a giant sized footed sleeper like Andy weaers. LOL.
3/19 Bren’s answer to everything is “No problemo!” LOL.
3/20 Andy “bear” & “backpack”
3/21 Andy wanted a game put on his computer. When I came over to help him he said “Thank you Ma!” 😀
3/24 Bren came up with this all on his own:
Bren: Knock Knock
Me: Who’s there?
Bren: Police
Me: Police who?
Bren: Police (as in puh-lease) wash your hands!
3/28 Andy says snake! “snaaaay”
Andy: (Pointing to cabinet where we keep his Gerber fruit snacks) Snack! Snack!
Me : (Getting the box down) Do you want a snack?
Andy: “I think so! I think so!” Hahaha!
We are a knock-knock jokin’ family these days.
Andy told us his first knock-knock joke this evening…
Naah Naah!
Who’s there?
Nanananana Who?
Yeeeaaaahhh! Bwahahaha!
Bren’s faves are
Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Boo Who?
Oh! Please Don’t cry!!! and
Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Who Who?
Are you an owl???!
Me: Here is your drink Andy
Andy: I know Mom!!!
4/28 Andy starts calling his pacifier “buddy”.
4/29 Vacation to my mother’s neck of the country. Bren loves flying.
5/1 Andy starts calling his blue and white checkerboard fleece blankie “yellow”. Huh?! LOL. This is his backup blankie… “Blankie” is a smaller blue fleece blankie with airplanes. I wish I remembered who got it for him. He loves to stroke his cheek with a blankie and my cheek too. Sometimes he has to have all 3 to be happy- Buddy, Blankie AND Yellow.
Brendan is wowwed by the magic wand quests at our hotel- The Great Wolf Lodge. He loves the water slides in the waterpark too!! Quite a big slide for a little kid! He definitely does not fear water though he can’t swim.
5/6 Andy gets his first chance to really watch out the window as our plane takes off and he is wowwed speechless. LOL.
The main buidling at OLLU has a huge fire!
5/7 For the first time in a couple months Andy doesn’t cry at bathtime. I guess he is over his fear now.
5/8 Bren did his first “what things are different between these 2 pictures” type puzzle. I was impressed how quickly he caught on! He also started learning addition… if you have a pink block and a yellow block stuck together what block are they the same as? Then we’d count the squares on the blocks to come up with the numbers and form the problem. So far so good! We’re reading Max & Ruby books and for the first time ever both boys are into the same books!
5/9 Haven’t seen Darrell for more than half an hour total since the fire hit. He worked 23 hours yesterday!!!
Andy is in a shoe stage. During our vacation he cried whenever we’d take his shoes off (not good for getting through airport security!) and now he wears Bren’s shoes until I pry them out off him at bedtime. Nutty kid. He says a beautiful “Good Morning!” though!
Marshmallows = “mellows”, Balloon = “boon”
5/13 Andy said “strawberry” as clear as day tonight!
5/14 Bren and Daddy went to the planetarium and saw “The Rocket Trip”. They had a blast! (Har, har)
Andy has discovered the Duplo blocks and can’t get enough of them!