Our fat and happy family

Brendan drew a picture of our family today. Yup, fat & happy, LOL.

Then I showed Bren a friend’s little girl’s drawing and pointed out the 5 fingers on each hand and the pretty hair and dress. Each arm came from the shoulder, pretty pink lips, etc. Then I asked him to draw a picture of just me. This is the picture I got. The dangling ovaries? Apparently that’s my butt. And the design on my dress? It’s my belly button. LOL. At least this time I have hair, a neck and ears. 😉

BTW, Brendan weighs 55.5 lbs and Andy weighs 28.0 lbs today. I’ve lost 28 pounds now on this low carb, largely macadamia nut diet (I eat them for breakfast and lunch, 2-3 oz total/400-600 calories). Is it the mac nuts or is it the Atkin’s recommended supplements (L-Carnitine, CoQ10, Chromium) because I have been steadily losing!