It’s weird to be doing this again…
Yesterday was the RE appt with my new infertility dr, Dr. B. They were nice enough to do my annual exam at the same time and save us an extra trip, time off D’s work, baby-sitter AND co-pay! I also had an u/s of my uterus and ovaries. All looks good to go. My ovaries still have follicles in them. Apparently I have an enormous bladder as well. Enough for the dr to comment on it several times, lol. Cracked us up! When I asked if they knew of a OB who would consider a VBAC after 2 c-sections I got an emphatic *NO*. Bummer.
Got the typical prescriptions for 150 mg Clomid, 1500 mg Metformin ER. Will get an Ovidrel prescription at my “day 12-13 egg ultrasound”.
Thank you AF for not showing until after my appt!!! Today marks CD #1!! How’s that for a close call. 😉 Exactly 10 days later than CD #1 for trying for Andy 3 years ago.
The best offer I found tonight for OPKs was at 50 cost me $27 with coupon code “amaz23”.
Here we go again…