Nope, not it.

Spot arrived in the wee hours on Monday (barely CD 12) and AF is fully here today. I start Clomid again on Thursday. Here we go again. Cranky over Christmas = Jen. Boo!
I plan on making an egg ultrasound appt for the 31st. We’ll see if they like that idea. I’d like to have the IUI 36 hours after trigger instead of 24… that’d make it around the 2nd of January if the eggs are ready then.
The waiting is not fun but the worst part of all this is the wasted money!!!
Andy says “spiderman” now, lol. So cute. He is in a huggy-lovey stage but he is fast to holler if you don’t let him climb up the drawer handles on changing tables at diaper change time!
TMI: Funny probably only to me but Brendan shouted for me this afternoon and I came running. He said, “Mom, I just burped and had a BLAST! I am sorry but I pooped in my underwear…” LOL… a blast! I guess he’s had enough juice for a few days! 😉 Brendan is such a good brother- he plays with Andy all the time! 😀 I’m proud of him!
The 2 little kitties have indeed survived our freezing temps and are fat (yet teensy) butterballs. 🙂

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  1. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you this cycle. I’ve got my fingers crossed for next cycle though. Lots of baby dust coming your way!

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