10 dpIUI

BFN… but wait!
So, I took a test with FMU about 8:30. Negative. I also took a OPK (you can take an OPK as a HPT… I’ll find my diary post about it if you are interested in knowing why that is…) which was quite blank as well.
First Morning Urine and I don’t get along. So when I next had to go at 11:00 I told myself if an OPK had a line, I’d do another hpt.
It had a line. I took an hpt. And the sucker is driving me nuts. There is an SUPER SUPER SUPER FAINT pink shadow… and after manipulating the color and contrast, the computer detects a small change too. The regular scan however shows nothing.

No more today. Still undecided whether or not to use FMU or not tomorrow. Maybe I’ll do the OPK test first. I have lots of those.