Balance with Bears worksheet

I realized recently that I don’t share many of the homeschool lessons that I personally create. I am going to start sharing more.
Here is a worksheet I made today using a cheap balance I got from Cuisenaire, a set of bear family weights I also got from Cuisenaire and a set of hexagon gram weights I got from Home Science Tools.

You can cut off the bottom or use any other set of 1 gram weights if you don’t want to buy the hexagons.
Note: I had to “calibrate” my balance by taping and extra hexagon on the bottom of one side and this activity works better if you put the bears and hexagons on the outside edges of the balance (or buy a better balance than I did).
I also used the Bears in distinguishing colors activity with Andy. I put 1 sheet each of red, blue, green and yellow construction paper on the floor and together we sorted the bears by color. I followed this up by giving him an empty muffin tin and a cup of trix cereal and he sorted the cereal by colors.