Happy Birthday Brendan!

I can’t believe he is 6!!! That’s 1/3 of an adult!
The day was calm and only us. I had half of a chocolate cake mix to use so Bren and I made a 1 layer cake together. He really knows how to explode open those eggs! For frosting I topped the cake with about a cup of mixed white choc and choc chips. I popped it back in the oven for a couple minutes and then Bren swirled it with a knife. It actually turned out to be very tasty for something so simple. Yay! Did I mention I cheated on supper? Haha, we took him out for a pizza buffet the night BEFORE his birthday- because kids 5 and under eat free.
So we had cake after supper and Bren got 4 presents… a deck of “Spiderman Crimestopper” cards, a card for a new pet in Mabinogi, the Will Siper Mario Sluggers (baseball) game and, from a friend, a used digital camera. He had previously received a “Martian Matter” set and a shirt from Mimi and Papa and he knows his big present is going to Great Wolf Lodge next month.
Speaking of GWL… the timing was not too good on my part. I’ll either start my period (and quite possibly heavy drinking, at this point) or find out I am pg while we are gone.