Bren-bits & Andy-dotes

2/18 Andy says “I wub dis!” (I love this!) all the time now. He keeps bringing me a Cookie Monster figurine to take off the cookie in his hand so he can have it. It doesn’t work that way!!! We put together a 24 piece puzzle and Andy seems to show a bit more skill and patience than Bren did at this age. Puzzles never were Bren’s thing.
3/8 Mimi taught Andy to string beads on a wire and he made 2 necklaces. 😀
Current Andy sayings:
“Oh Jinkies! (a la Scooby Doo)
“Dee-Uh-Nee” = Anthony (Bren said “An-ti-tee”)
“No Brendan! That’s mine, not yours!”
“Mom, are you having fun?” (during a stinky diaper change no less)
While teaching Bren to play “Go Fish” (a card game):
Bren: Mom, do you have an ASS?
Jen: What?? LOL… Do you mean an ACE?
Bren: Yeah!
Mom: Yes… actually, I have both (snicker snicker).
“I want a Dr. Pepper soda” (kudos to DH for decoding that one!)
Andy: “Are you Brendan?”
Me: “No, I’m Mama. Are YOU Brendan?”
Andy: “No, I’m ME! I’m An-nee!” (first time he ever said his name)
“Mom! Look! Brendan has BIG eggs and I have SMALL ones. (I had cut his up)
“Are you happy?” If you answer yes, he’ll trill happily and go away. If you answer anything else he’ll ask “Are you mad?” Then he’ll keep pestering you until you answer YES! to the first question.
“I’m very sowwy… it was an axe-ident!” (He spilled a bag of goldfish)
3/20 Tooth #5 gone for Brendan!! The other upper center one (left) so now he has no top teeth!
I caught Andy “playing” a harmonica while humming a perfect rendition of the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song. It was so freaking cute- I wish I had caught it on video!
Andy can distinguish betwwen a “soccit” ball & a “ba-kit” ball. LOL. “This soccit ball is perfect! I wub it!”