IUI #4

We decided to go with the whole vial because half a vial would probably just mean 2 poor IUIs rather than 1 good one. We made the right choice because this was the worst sample yet- only 19 million post-thaw motile. Half would not have been enough. We triggered at 9 pm, which turned out to be about 36 hours prior to this IUI.
So, the smallest amount of eggs AND sperm in the same cycle. Grrreaaaatttt. 🙁
Well, it’s done. Now we just wait some more and hope.
And ouuucchhh, I am so sore right now!

3 thoughts on “IUI #4

  1. Hi Jen,
    I’m a long time reader, I’ve been with you since the days before Bren…… For what it’s worth, I’m keeping you guys in my prayers!

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