Cycle #5 begins

My mom’s visiting from North Carolina for 3 weeks… so here’s the short version:
RE advised:
Get blood tested on cd2 or 3 (cd 2 happens to be today, results Tues or Wed maybe?) Test for egg quality (FSH), thyroid and prolactin- all can affect fertility.
Get HSG done (the big yee-ouch!!)- next friday afternoon.
Finish up the 2 more allowable clomid-IUI cycles and then try a femara IUI cycle. I know nothing about femara yet.
Choose another donor (did last night- MUCH easier since they now give you a childhood pic of him… and there ARE more girl kids in his family than boys, teeheehee). Now I just need to order it… and, gulp, find $1,000 for it.
So I start the Clomid again tomorrow!

One thought on “Cycle #5 begins

  1. That is too cool! I didn’t know they let you see (childhood) pics of the donor! And that does look like Darrell!
    Good Luck!

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