Why do doctors always give you blood test results while you are semi-naked on an exam table??? There was no way I could write the info down. Harumph.
My FSH test came back at 4.8 (should be less than 10). My thyroid & prolactin levels are normal. All good.
I had the hsg done as well. I had to lay on a table with my butt on a wedge to raise the bottom half of me up. Then, they lowered the xray machine over my abdomen and positioned it so that we could see my uterus on the screen (once again, my view was upside-down). Then they opened me up like a pap smear, inflated a balloon device near my cervix to stop the dye from coming out and then pumped in the contrast dye. We watched as my uterus slowly filled up on the screen, then through one tube… then I heard the dr say “there it goes” and we saw some spill out of the other tube. Excellent- both tubes clear! Very little discomfort.
The most interesting part of this was the shape of my uterus… not exactly the triangular shape we commonly see in pictures. Mine was more of an egg shape… and off centered. It was surprising to see how small my uterus was (compared to my spine which was visible) and how impossibly thin and long my fallopian tubes are- and they turn every which way! They were as thin as threads!
The OB alternated between “everything’s good” and the more serious “I want Dr. B to look at this… but I think your uterus is just tipped forward”. She also mentioned another procedure where they fill you with saline and do an ultrasound that he might want to do. We’ll see what he has to say. I walked out of there feeling a bit disconcerted though because she definitely was not relaxed at the end.

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