IUI #5 (actually 7, but who’s counting…)

I believe this is my 10th round of clomid too!
CD19 IUI went pretty well… I had a new lady resident do it… and she sure bumped her way along. I bled a bit too. But if they went in as they should none of that should matter.
29 million sperm- and only 7 years old!!! Woot! Much newer than the 18 year old stuff we had been using!
I had two eggs both on the right. I am bummed that I’m down so far. Every month is worse. I started off making 6 at a time!
And I think I might just be past the point of jinxies… so I can announce with some bit of certainty that I am
*****KID FREE!!!!!!******
Darrell’s mom took the kids back home with her until Saturday! LOL, or perhaps only til the next train arrives to take me up there! We are rather uncertain how Andy is going to do without me.
So? What to do? I imagine my early morning festivities plus the soon to come horrid over-achieving ovulation will have me napping before long. How boring. But we have some friends coming over for homemade fajitas and salsa made with my garden tomatoes.
I have never been away from my kids overnight!!!