I’m on a new drug

Femara 5 mg. Starts tonight. I go back in 10 days/CD13 for the first ultrasound- a bit earlier than usual because I might respond differently than with the Clomid. I was told the Femara is more expensive but there is a possibility my insurance will cover it since technically it is a drug for breast cancer, not infertility.
Clomid gave me my 2 kids so it is bittersweet to be stopping it. On the other hand it did have some awful side effects… which are supposed to be milder with Femara. Hooray for that!
During the ultrasound this morning the dr found a 7 mm cyst/follicle in my right ovary. I asked him whether it is something leftover from last cycle or something new gearing up for this cycle and he said it was hard to tell. Never had that before.
And can I say it is positively RUDE to have someone undress, sit on an exam table and wait 20 minutes for the doctor when you know darn well the patient is on her period?!!!

One thought on “I’m on a new drug

  1. I went from clomid to injectibles so don’t think too much of the med change. I was actually excited to be trying something more aggressive! Hang in there! My thoughts and prayers are constantly with you!

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