Follicle ultrasound

CD13. I had a follicle scan today…
Right side always makes something and today it made 2… 11mm & 11.5mm (need to be 18-25). We were discussing how dreadfully slow they are growing and possibly adding FSH injections to the mix until…
Left side (most often makes nothing) has 1 follicle- a 17!
So, 3 follicles/ 3 eggs??? NO! Only 1! The tiny 11s won’t grow enough to catch up by the time the 17 pops. They grow faster near the end.
Also, I have had one *continual* headache since I popped the first femara pill. The dr I saw today thinks that might mean my dr won’t prescribe it again because it is a sign of vascular issues (ie worst case, brain clots).
Tentative plan (I’ll get a call tomorrow) is trigger Wed night and have a Friday morning IUI.
If this doesn’t work it’s on to IVF.
Edited to add: I am to trigger Thursday night and go for an IUI Saturday morning.