Hoston trip

It’s back to the grind for us… nothing new coming up until next Tuesday when both boys go to the pediatrician… Andy for part 2 of some shots and Bren for a checkup.
Houston was fun! We ate some wacky vietnamese food, including their specialty- an appetizer called a rice cake but had no rice??? It was like a round omelet topped with fried potato pieces and fried onions and came with a yummy dipping sauce. It was far better than what you’d think if you saw it.
We shopped for like 3 hours at the asian mall there. I found a place called Tutti Frutti that sold frozen yogurt… REAL frozen yogurt, the sour kind. It was quite good! It sure was weird seeing the food court full of people eating mounds of crawfish or crowds of people gathered around hot pots, cooking their own meats and vegetables in the soup base. Pokemon card packs were $1.99 there and figurines (they had 3 buckets fulls!) were $1.50!
The space center was great! I especially liked the space craft and moon rock exibits. Some of those early capsule type space craft were TINY! We also loved one speaker who was on stage with a mission control type set-up and she walked around flciking different buttons and we were able to watch what the astronauts were doing live on the space station. SHe knew so much!!
The Kemah splash fountain were a big hit with Brendan, while Andy adored the man juggling torches and all kinds of things.
One funny story… we had a free brakfast at the hotel and both mornings DH went down to make me waffles (Jen hearts waffles). Since he got up earlier than us, he’d make his own food first and watch the news down there. So he was doing his typical thing and mixing a packet of apple cinnamon oatmeal into the waffle batter and the maintenence lady, who is eating, asks him what he’s stirring up. He tells her and she was in awe. Apparently she has been eating breakfast here for many, many years and she has never seen anyone else do that. She was very thankful to have something new to try!!!
It’s 11 dpIUI for me. I know better now to think breast tenderness (or not) or ovary twinges (or not) or acne (or not) means anything so I wait. I had nightmares last night all night long.
I absolutely hate getting a – hpt then waiting several miserable days for it to be confirmed. I may not test at all and just wait for AF to show. I wonder if the Femara will push it back to late on 15 dpIUI like the Clomid did?
So I guess I’m waiting to see if I make it until Monday.

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