Baseline appointment

CD 1. This morning was my baseline ultrasound- all clear, no cysts. They also did the uterine measurement “mock transfer”. My uterus is 80 mm to the top if that means anything to anyone. 😛 Somehow this only cost me $150?!
Start Clomid tomorrow, on cycle day 2 (I found out the earlier, the more follicles but if you accidently take it too early it can cause weeks of bleeding. That’s why they tell you take it days 3-7. Three days into your period is a good safe zone. And with IUIs, they don’t want as many follicles as possible as you do with IVF.) My dose was upped to 200 mg. RE said a good estimate is for 2/3 of the eggs retrieved to make it to embryos. I’ll most probably have a day 2 transfer since there is no point in waiting when whatever we get will go back in.
The dr confirmed that a minimal stimulation retrieval would cost less but he had no clue how much. The top billing lady was out to lunch so I am waiting for a call or email from her. He said an anesthesiologist would run about $450 + $75 in meds. I could do it with valium and vicodin but he doesn’t recommend it. I am waiting for confirmation on that price too. They want to keep the room sterile so they ask for nobody with us during retrieval… and I won’t quite be asleep but close to it.
I have my first follicle ultrasound on CD 12… Tuesday, Sept 1. I need to still make that appt.