So far, still pregnant. I took a test another hpt at 18 dpo. I was trying to find a test with a sensitivity of 50 mIU/ml so I could determine if my hcg was still rising. NONE of the boxes at Walgreens listed their sensitivity! Grr. All the lists on the net contradict each other now too. I’m pretty sure just about all tests measure 20-25 mIU/ml nowadays. If not, the one I ended up with (a Walgreens 1-step that did NOT list early results) might be a 40 or 50. It popped up with a nice + in 30-40 seconds.
Since then I am having a lot of all day nausea and my hoozits are still sore. Still some ovaries twinges and aches but not as often. A bit tired. No spotting but I did scare myself last night by going to the restroom and not turning on the light. Our bathroom has a nightlight and in that very dim light I saw a definite line of darker stuff on my pad (I wearing a pad because the progesterone suppositiries I have to use are goopy) and freaked! I snapped on the light… and it was the greenish-blue core that some pads come with now. I almost melted I was so relieved!!!
Beta #3 on Wednesday. I get the results Thursday. 600+ would make me so happy! I’m hoping for an ultrasound next Friday which would be 6w4d.
Yes, I am very hopeful. I keep mentally smacking myself- 31 is awfully low- but I can’t help it.

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  1. I’ve been trying to leave messages for DAYS, but I couldn’t get this gardernthing to work!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    How was your last beta? I’m super excited for you!!!

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