Bren-bits & Andy-dotes

Andy did the same thing Brendan did at just about the same age! Yesterday morning he told me he needed to sit on the potty and he went right to it and peed just fine. He only had 1 wet and 1 messy pants all day. Today he’s done it all (both kinds). He was real impressed to see his BM. Tee hee.
Poof! Potty trained. Gotta love child led successes!
And Brendan started on HOP Master Reader today! Yay! He’s done with HOP K-2 and Clicknkids phonics. Wheeee! A lesson comprises a computer session where you practice new words, reading a story card to yourself and then reading it to a parent. He really liked it!
I made some kick butt sandwiches for supper tonight… they’re all the rage on one of my parenting boards. YUM!!
Boy it’s been awhile!!
5/26 Pokemon that Andy knows, lol:
Brendan just got a set of 100 Pokemon cards and several Pokemon books. Who knew what checking out a Pokemon dvd from the library would do? Haha.
5/29 Our “Baby” cat just had kittens- a gray & white and a black & white. Two of the tiniest rat looking things I have ever seen.
6/1 Mom and I made a peanut butter cake. Andy was so surprised! Every time he sees it he says, “It tastes like peanut butter!” LOL.
Andy calls a helicopter a “heli-oc-tup-er” Haha.
Brendan learned what a wiki is today. He is reading the wiki for every single Mabinogi dungeon he can think of. LOL.
We read a book of simple riddles today and Andy beat Brendan to the punch 2 times! 😀 It is surprising how much info Bren takes from pictures instead of words. The riddles were illustrated but not with the correct answer (i.e. a girl throwing her hat in the air when the answer was really kite) and Bren kept suggesting pictures as the answer.
Mom and I have been painting some more Disney Christmas decorations. We’ve now added Goofy, Donald with his 3 nephews and Pluto to our Mickey and Minnie set. Yay!
We went to an orchard in Fredericksburg on Saturday. We had fun picking blackberries and the tiniest strawberries. We had a delicious german pepperwurst lunch and the shopping would have been fun if everything wasn’t so horrifyingly expensive. Small jar of strawberry jam? $10!!! On Sunday we made some fried blackberry pies which Darrell loves. I think they are too tart though.
One of Mimi’s emails about how the boys are doing on their solo vacation up there:
We had corndogs for lunch and they were really good ftom Walmart deli.I was surprised.We had a good night, no bed wetting. This morning after awhile Andy came in my bedroom when I was dressing and said I have poopy diaper. I was changing him and I said you don”t have a poopy diaper, you must have made a mistake.He said yeah, then said Momma already changed me. I laughed and said Oh I didn’t know she was here, did she just change you and go back home and he said yeah. That was so funny.I have the swimming pool filled up and hope it gets warm today if not I will have to carry water for their bath.We are going out later and play with the big exercise ball.I an going to make them a snowcone in a cup.Boy did it ever storm when I was going to check out at Walmart last night. The wind was blowing the rain straight across the parking lot and the kids were having a ball singing rain rain go away in the car. Gene finally had to back up to the side door there so I could get out and put the stuff in the back of the suburban. Then it got less and less until it stopped before we got to the highway, sprinkled a little and they both took a nap on the way home. I read them Donald and Mickey went camping and they weren”t s;eepy yet so Brendan read Andy Jack and the Beanstalk. I said well you could have read that to me last night Brendan instead of me reading it to you, haha.Then we went to sleep.Brendan was already up again this morning when I got up,sitting in the chair. He wouldn”t turn on the TV cause he was scared it would be too loud.
Brendan just returned from soccer camp. He told me that he couldn’t find his snack in his backpack so a girl named Emma shared hers: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So I asked him (trying to figure out how much lunch to make him), “So you ate half of a sandwich?” His reply was “I’m not sure. We shared it bite by bite by bite.” I both groaned and laughed. My little romantic boy!
Andy just learned how to twirl the end of a jump rope, haha. He is still Thomas the tank engine’s #1 fan. Yesterday, Bren accidently kicked one under the couch and man did he throw a fit! 😀 His current interest is what sounds the letters make. He came up to me yesterday and told me “Cat and Hat RHYME!!!” LOL. I wonder what he was watching?
Brendan is stuck in his new Pokemon Pearl game every minute we allow…haha. I just bought him the first 10 Pokemon chapter books and he can’t stand waiting to read them. Today was day #123 (of 180) so more than 2/3 done with 1st grade. I finally found a good deal on the next phonics program (Hooked on Phonics Master Reader)- $50 on ebay for something that is $130 on amazon. Yay! I am thrilled that the lessons are largely on the computer. He’s completely done with Hooked on Spelling and 4 lessons from the end of his Math-U-See Alpha book. He’s rather good at subtraction now!
Wow- no updates in a LONG time! That’s what an IVF cycle will do to ya! Andy did a 12 piece floor puzzle all by himself today!!!
Andy told me he had peepee. I told Andy to take off his pants, put it in the trash and bring me some new ones and he told me “this one is for adults only” LOL! Thank goodness he didn’t change it himself! 😀
I was changing Andy on his bed early this morning as we were getting ready to go to Sea World. He kept saying he wanted to sleep. Finally he said he’d give me 15 dollars and Dad 10 dollars… lol!!!
Andy has known for a couple of months now that if he peed in the potty he’d get a chocolate party. This morning he did it! I was undressing him from his PJs and when he was naked he said he had to peepee in the potty. So he walked in there, I put him on and he did! Yay!!! Chips Ahoy cookies and M&Ms for breakfast! Wheee! Brendan has been anxiously awaiting this moment!