The gender gift story and OB appt

The gift was a white gown trimmed in pink tucked into both pink and blue tissue put in a sparkly silver box and bow with a black and white card that said “We know… do you want to know? (picture of baby toes)/ “It’s a …” It was tagged to Mimi & Papa. Obviously my MIL thought nothing of it because she handed it to Papa to open. He started opening the box and DH shouted “No! No! Open the card” LOL! So he did and after he read the first page he started saying how he just knew we knew already. My MIL is realizing her mistake and snags the box but he manages to keep the card from her. He opens it, looks confused, looks everywhere for a clue in the card, lol. Then he remembers the box. She looks at me (I’m looking seriously hard at the floor trying desperately not to give anything away, my heart is beating furiously) and she says, “It’s a boy. I can tell by how she looks.” And to me says “It’s okay…” She opens the box, sees blue paper… then pink paper. She yells over at me “Jen?!?!” and gets a bit excited but is obviously confused. LOL! I tell her to keep going and open the rest, maintaining my scrutiny of the carpet. She does… pulls out the rolled up gown that looks totally white, unrolls it, sees the pink and I finally look at her and say “It’s a girl!” And she SCREAMS and hugs the gown to her. It was fabulously fun!
I also told my grandparents and aunt (& my mom via phone) simulataneously that it is a girl. That was fun too. Then they brought out an “It’s a girl!” cake. LOL! They all “just knew” it was a girl. Yeah right! I think they are having a midnight snack of “It’s a boy!” cake right about now. Haha!
18w1d. OB appt went well… blood pressure still slightly high, urine was fine, HB in 160s. 😀 And I gained 6 pounds!!! Holy Moly…