22w1d OB appt

All good. Heartbeat in 160s. B/P was very good- lower than it has been by a good bit. Yay! Only thing to really happen that was “exciting” was as I was sitting there waiting for my dr to come in, I hear a nurse run down the hall and loudly proclaim “Dr… you’re needed in labor and delivery NOW.”
So I got to see the Nurse Practitioner instead. No big. She’s nice and it happens, surprisingly, only about once a pregnancy. She didn’t like that I had lost 2 pounds. Sheesh- I really didn’t gain 6 the time before, that’s all. Doesn’t matter. Now is when I start gaining. I’ll be up 25 pounds by the end.
I get to try the one hour GTT next time. If I have to go back for the 3 hour I am going to be ticked… I always fail that!!
And after that- it’s every 2 weeks time! Is it just me or did that happen really fast???!
So, when I am not miserably fatigued like I have been all day up until about 3 hours before bedtime for the last 2 weeks… and when my back behaves… I’m doing pretty good! I’m loving the 2 or so times a day I feel her move! She especially loves about an hour after supper.
Nursery is ready for the detailed painting. Just waiting for the energy…
I’m having a lil baby!! I’m having a daughter!!! I can’t wait to nuzzle a soft fuzzy head! 😀

2 thoughts on “22w1d OB appt

  1. I just wanted to say congratulations! I know you’ve been wanting a daughter for a long time, and I’m so happy it’s finally happening for you.

  2. Soo happy for you! Can’t wait til you have your little girl in your arms (and are constantly telling the boys ‘Gentle’!). Take care.

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