32w1d OB (well, NP) appt

We went to park day today and a friend who I haven’t seen in aboout 2 years was there. I was sitting at a picnic table and she came right up and we had a great conversation. Then she tells me I must’ve lost some serious weight, yadda yadda. I laughed and said that was really funny since I’m 8 months pregnant. She gives me the odd eye and says “NO WAY!!” So I stood up and showed her my belly and we had a really good laugh about it. There was no way she could’ve seen my belly and apparently my face is a lot thinner than it used to be.
It’s been such a long time since we dieted… I’d kind of forgotten, lol. I’ve felt good all day. 😆
Very ironicly, I have gained more weight in the last 2 weeks than I had all pregnancy til now. I was up 3 pounds and now I’m up 4 more. Hahahahaha. Otherwise it was a good appt. My b/p is low again. I’ve had trace protein in my urine for the last 3 visits but I think that’s ok. I’m measuring 33.5 weeks… so 1.5 weeks ahead. Still ok I think. My feet are almost healed from the sunburn (yeah, I sunburned the tops of my feet powerwashing the sidewalks on Saturday- DOH!), though still a bit swollen. Baby still moves all around. She’s most often vertical during the night, when I mostly sleep on my side and then turns transverse during the day. It’s odd to care less about it… except when I can’t breathe or bend over. 😛
4 OB appts to go! 48 days to go!
Easter was a blast!! We spent the day with some good friends who we don’t get to see all that often. I love days like that!
Brendan’s birthday party is on Saturday. I am always so nervous before things like this. I really don’t enjoy “entertaining” but in the end it is worth it. We also brought cupcakes to the park today and everyone sang to him. That was fun!