34w1d OB appt

Gained 3 pounds- total of 10. Trace of protein (4th time in a row!), slightly high b/p. Had a huge contraction as I was walking to the exam room. I had the nurse laughing at me. Those suckers are hard to walk through! I told the OB that this is the appt that she tells me I’m gonna have a BIG baby… she said “Yup! You are!” Baby measures 38 weeks… so I grew 4.5 weeks worth in 2 weeks. Gonna be another big one. And I have more than a month to go…
I don’t know why but my OB keeps getting called to a delivery as I’m in the exam room waiting for her… haha. I’ve seen her only once in the 3 appts prior to today. I could hear her on the phone in the hall telling the person on the other end “I have just one quick OB that I *have* to see… tell her not to push!!”
Baby is transverse with her back along my ribs. Uterus can grow no higher… it’s all out from here! LOL.

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