Pedi and dentist appts

Kayley is 12 days old!
Miss Chubba has gained 5.5 oz in 3 days. She weighs 6 lbs 15 oz. Pediatrician appt was this morning. He said she appears about 37 weeks to him (her due date was 2 days ago). Interestingly enough, with girls they determine age based on the how the labia look. He seemed to think I fudged my dates until I reminded him she is an IVF baby and I couldn’t possibly be off. LOL. Her length was 20 3/4 inches… I think that is a bit big… can they really grow 1 3/4 inches in 13 days?! He says she looks great.
Now that she is almost 7 pounds again she almost fits her smaller newborn clothes. I do have some teensy onesies so she’ll be fine for another week in them. She is such a peanut!!!
BFing is going nowhere. I am trying really hard to not resign myself to pumping or formula. Lactation Consultant appt tomorrow morning. We’ll see. Pumping around the clock is SOOOOO much harder than BFing around the clock! I miss the ease of Andy’s breastfeeding.
Tongue-tie gone- took no more than 10 seconds to clip and she didn’t even cry- but apparently K has the beginnings of a tooth already. Dentist thinks it’s a baby tooth, not a “milk tooth” babies sometimes have at birth. We figured for 30 seconds of work each, the dentist makes $44,000 an hour cutting frenulums.
I’m tired. My back hurts. LC appt, OB appt AND PE for the boys tomorrow.