Pedi appt x3

Kayley- 25 3/4 inches (88th percentile), 14 lb 1 oz (48th percentile)- got 5 vaccines, fussed for a few minutes, looks great, got the go-ahead for cereal and fruit. Needs to spend more time on her belly but otherwise is right where she should be (she has rolled over in both directions now and found her feet!). Next appt Jan 4th at 2:30.
Andy- 42 1/4 inches (86th percentile), 38lb 4 oz (67th percentile)- got 4 vaccines, took it hard, ice cream fixed it right up, looks great otherwise, no more vaccines until age 11
Brendan- 52 inches, (90th percentile), 65 lb 4 oz (87th percentile)- no vaccines until age 11, looks great as well
Both boys did well and answered questions well. Dr. asked Brendan who his teacher was and he pointed to me. He then asked him if I was a good or bad teacher and after hemming and hawwing a bit replied “some of both”. Haha. That’s actually a great answer because what he’d consider a fabulous teacher would be one who doesn’t give him any challenging work to do.
I was complimented on their excellent behavior- always nice to hear, extra nice coming from a person who spends all day around kids. We chatted about some of the homeschool things we do- he was really interested in it and some about nutrition in general and how some things are changing (when to start feeding solids is swinging back to 4 months, cereal may not be considered the best food to start with, may not be the best to limit potentially allergenic foods too long- like strawberries, etc). It was an all around great appt.