Soap Opera kinda day!

My MIL never knew her dad. He sent a monthly check to her mom until MIL turned 18 and that was all she ever knew of him except for his name and later found out he lived in Indiana with his wife and daughter.
She wanted to go meet him… and almost did once (they drove up there) but chickened out. Then she found out he died a couple years later. That was 10 or 15 years ago.
Now, a couple years ago she looked for info about her sister and found an email address. Well, she shocked the poor woman and this lady denied her daddy ever even being in Texas and blocked her from her email address.
Well, when we were up at the in-laws I suggested she look for her sister’s name on Facebook. She actually found a mention of her on her sister’s husband’s facebook page. There was a link to her own page but it had almost nothing on it except the little town she lived in and that she worked for Kmart.
So… FIL *told* MIL they were going on a road trip to find her and they went Kmart hopping. And they found her today!!! And she is really nice! She’s about 17 years younger than MIL and named Trudy. Apparently she had asked her mother about the possiblility of having a sister and got a surprising answer so she believed my MIL this time.
WOW. Let that be a lesson to you facebookers, haha. Someone may surprise you at work one day saying you are a long lost relative of theirs!!! LOL.