Kayley’s 7.5 month 6 month dr appt

I never get ’em done on time… and I’m getting worse about it.
28.25 inches (about 90 %ile)
17 lbs 4 oz (about 48 %ile) (Andy was 19 lb 3 oz pounds at 7m1w, Bren was 19lb.1 oz @ 6m1w)
Her height is creeping up percentiles and her weight down. She usually isn’t a great eater of baby foods… her favorite foods are real chicken, real beef, Gerber yogurt melts, real yogurt, bread, french fries, baby carrots and baby apples… but the real winner is garlicky pizza crusts. Heehee. She only drinks about 20 oz formula too.
His only concern is her numerous birthmarks… they are an odd color he says. He has seen them only once or twice in his whole career. Really? I’m to take pictures of all of them next to a dime now and bring them at her 9 (10.5…) month visit.
Vaccinations were a PITA. No I don’t want the flu shot. Nurse prepares flu shot with others. No I don’t want the flu shot… unless our insurance covers it. Nurse says I’ll check. Tries to give her other shots but I stop her and say they must all be done at once… I’m not torturing her twice in one day. Wait. Wait. WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT. She comes in with a form stating how I refuse to vaccinate my child, tells me they are waiting on news from the insurance. I must sign form, leave examination room and wait in lobby for news. WTF?
Wait… wait… wait… finally they get word back that they WILL cover it! :blink: Seriously?! (We secretly wonder if they just said that since she had already prepared and documented it…)
Nurse is slow as molasses giving her the shots. One. At. A. Time. Kayley screams anew at each one. Sigh. Can’t you uncap them all and get the bandaids ready ahead of time??? Eeegads.
Anywhoooo… that’s done. Last 7.5 month 6 month visit I’ll ever have to do!