Easiest baby back ribs ever!

Cut 1 or 2 slabs of ribs each in half. Remove or cut slits into the skin on the backs of the ribs. Rub a few drops of red or white wine vinegar into both sides of ribs. Rub with your favorite or commercial spice rub. Be generous.
Line crockpot with a plastic crockpot liner. Spray with baking spray. Lay ribs in crockpot one their sides with bone ends sticking up. If only making 1 slab, have one piece along each side of crockpot and fill middle with bunched up aluminum foil. Do not add ANYTHING- no liquid- NOTHING. Cover.
Leave it alone for 7-8 hours on low or 4 hours on high. Don’t pick up the cover before the time is up! Ribs are ready when they are super easy to cut into and nicely browned. Top with barbeque sauce if you want.
That’s it! I am eating some right now and they are perfectly yummy and tender!
Quick low carb barbeque sauce topping:
2 T Heinz Sugar Free ketchup
2-3 t prepared mustard
5-7 drops worcestershire sauce