Jen hearts Genghis Grill Restaurant!

There are few sit down restaurants a low carber can go to and feel pretty confident that their meal is really honestly low carb. You can makes educated guesses, of course, but the thought of hidden carbs just makes me uncomfortable going out to eat very often. Even things as simple as a hot dog or ranch dressing can vary from almost no carbs to 7!
We were surprised by a visit from my mother last week and the family decided to go out to eat together. It was my husband who suggested a mongolian grill type place and we ended up at Genghis Grill. We had never been before. We LOVED it! We went again last night.
Here’s how it works. You get a nice sized silver bowl to fill as you wish with whatever you wish from the bar. You start with meat- a low carber’s dream… chicken, awesome marinated steak, thin sliced beef, turkey, marinated fish, shrimp, pork- all carb free- and a few others with very small amounts of carbs such as scallops or ham. Pile your bowl nearly full!
Now add some seasoning… I like the dragon salt and garlic, my husband likes the curry and ginger. I season my meat liberally.
Now I add about a 1/2 cup of veggies… a ton of choices here too! I like onions for flavor, then a couple pieces of a lot of things: broccoli, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, green beans, cabbage, celery, snap peas, zucchini… and more. Another low carb delight! Don’t forget to grab a couple eggs to lay beside your bowl! They’ll stir-fry those in as well!
Next comes the tricky part… the sauce. I fill my metal sauce cup 2/3 full with garlic water and a bit of asian chili sauce (both nearly carb free). Then I personally like a bit of the chili garlic sauce. DH likes a bit of the red curry and peanut sauce. Don’t go overboard here and your meal will be a real low carb winner. I plan on bringing my own low carb teriyaki sauce next time! You can see which sauces have the lowest carbs on their website… but alas, they don’t give the portion size so you really can’t figure it perfectly.
Give your bowl and eggs to the waiting cook for stir-frying and tell him you don’t want any starch- please make it with BEAN SPROUTS instead. It comes out like a noodle bowl!!! They’ll happily oblige! And bean sprouts are one of the lowest carb vegetables there is!
When your meal is cooked and brought to you, top it with chopped peanuts and/or sesame seeds! YUM!
Cost: $8.99 lunch/$9.99 supper. Get a Khan’s Reward Kard and every 11th bowl is free. Sign-up online for a free birthday bowl too!