A simple sticky note would suffice

How many more days? When will I conceive? That is a question that eats at me. If someone would just hand me a little sticky note with one simple little date on it, I would be grateful. My brother Mark’s wedding is this July. I would LOVE to announce my pregnancy afterwards. It will be (should be, had BETTER be) my only shot at giving this special news to my father and brothers in person. Probably my mother too. Oh, I dream of this telling moment!!!! I may have two to three more cycles to try before then. Oh, I can’t wait!!!
Today, I bought the stroller that will one day hold our child. Kind of gives me shivers. No, I’m not going on a baby stuff buying spree quite yet!! I really bought it to help me cart Sam around. He is over 25 pounds and not even a year old yet! He is heavy! I started out wanting a simple umbrella stroller. It had to be tall enough for me, though. I never found one tall enough (except one that was in AWFUL colors). So I spent a little more ($45) and bought a compact, lightweight Graco stroller instead. It is a little bigger, a little heavier, a little more durable and will hold a slightly heavier baby (up to 40 lbs. instead of the umbrella’s 35 lbs.). It will also hold a newborn. You aren’t supposed to use an umbrella stroller with an infant younger than 6 months. That will be useful soon. It has a large basket underneath, a cushy one piece handle (much better than the usual umbrella types), and comes in a nice navy color with a cute blue snails & bugs print on the seat and trim. I love it so far!
My last entry included thoughts on how I need to take an HPT. Well, I haven’t. I guess I’m scared. I hate the feeling of utter disappointment you get when it is negative. I am at the point where I should be Bding this cycle anyway. I’m guessing here, with my wacked out cycles. I wish I had a fertility monitor so I would know for certain, but they are so expensive!!!! I am still having the abdominal cramping/ tightness. And I feel bloated. But I have no telltale signs of tiredness or sore BBs or anything. Maybe my whim will bring me to the HPT aisle in Wal-Mart soon. Maybe not.